Extinguishers/Hydrants & Hose Reels

Security AlarmExtinguishers are required by Queensland law to be installed in workplaces and useful in the case of an emergency.

These extinguishers must to be placed appropriately and have trained users at the workplace.

Maintenance must be conducted regularly to guarantee effectiveness. There are different types of extinguishers for different types of fires to find out more information on what type of extinguisher you require contact us now.

Hydrants and hose reel systems involves the installation of water tanks, pumps, pipes and hydrant outlets which provide a jet of water that can be delivered in the case of an emergency.

Fire Comm can supply and install extinguishes, hydrants and hose reels for your needs. We also offer service and maintenance on these products which is required by law.

If you need a fire extinguisher or would like some more information about extinguishers, hydrants and hose reels contact us now.